Zenfolio pricing

Zenfolio pricing

Session fee includes approx. Most people order a photo book for the event. The book will include the best images from all three sessions. The book will include the best images from all four sessions. I bring my own props, throws, backgrounds and lighting, and I work around your schedule so we can have a happy, well-fed and well-rested baby!

This is an introductory offer only, prices will go up without notice, but you can book your photo session now to lock in the offer. Mini photo sessions are a fun way to get great, spontaneous pictures of your family in your natural environment. They are usually scheduled in a park or at the beach on a week-end, you don't have to be all super-dressed-up and you won't have to spend 2-hours-plus trying to smile and look presentable while trying to keep your kids from making faces and throwing tantrums.

In fact, you don't even have to dress up at all! You don't even have to tell your kids you are taking pictures until you are there. AND you walk out of the session with a CD of your own - no waiting for edits or gallery downloads!

You get to post your pics on social networks the same day and order your wall prints just as soon as you want them hung in your beautiful home!

I personally love mini-sessions, because families are a lot more relaxed and I get feed back immediately after the session. Katya Solovskaya Photography.My content is reader-supported by awesome people like you. Which means I could earn a commission. Learn more here!

Zenfolio is perfect for photographers with and without knowledge of coding. Novice and professional web designers see the value in the photography service because existing templates are easy to customize even without any knowledge of HTML. Signing up for the website takes minutes to complete and after selecting a template and uploading photos, members are able to launch their sites and start selling their photographs. More detailed information is available to members through the account dashboard which serves as a valuable tool for updating information, viewing data, and adding additional photographs for sale.

The interface is clean, simple to understand, and offers members one-click options which save them time. In addition to being able to access text and tutorials, members are able to watch videos and attend training sessions through this area of the website.

The response time is quick as you click on the chosen icon on the dashboard that you want to view. Uploading photos and price lists takes minutes to do and gives you the option to optimize descriptions using keywords.

zenfolio pricing

This makes the work that you post searchable on the search engines and across the website. Clients looking for a particular style of a photographer can do so easily making Zenfolio great for photographers and people wanting to buy beautiful photographs. It offers a very basic list of features including a customizable website and blog, unlimited storage options, access controls with password capabilities, and hosting of HD videos.

It offers the same basic features that the Starter option offers in addition to watermarks and branding, client access, proofing, and saved favorites, freedom in pricing your own products, and a number of powerful marketing tools. Some features to note include multiple user accounts, order editing, a free listing on Photographer Centraland valuable live chat and phone support which is available immediately. Photographers need a large amount of bandwidth to display their best photos at the most appropriate size.

Many websites limit users by giving them a limited amount of storage space to house and display their work. Zenfolio offers unlimited storage space for even the most basic user. This is a huge selling point for the website. Templates were designed to show off the skills and creativity of photographers by emphasizing visuals photographs and HD videos. Photographer Central helps clients discover photographers.

Another impressive option offered by Zenfolio is its free trial. Unless a member has an Advanced membership, he or she is going to find it impossible to reach a live person. Chat and phone help is limited to those who have the highest paid membership and limited to email for Starter and Pro members. Month-to-month subscription services make it possible for even novice photographers to still use the Zenfolio website without losing a lot of money.

Although the additional costs are minimal, it may be a reason for some photographers to go with a different company for selling their photos. There is a homepage option and gallery option for each template depending on your preferences in how your photos look and are arranged on the page. Zenfolio fees used to be significantly higher than they are today. In the past, they ranged in price per plan and currency.

The service fee is based on the total selling price of the product not the markup added by the photographer.Bart Keating. Zenfolio website builder focuses on providing photographers with all the tools to display and sell their photographs. The website builder aims to offer a platform that is easy to use and has every tool for a successful photography business.

A Zenfolio Review For 2020 (Pros, Cons, Pricing, And Features)

So is Zenfolio all your photography business might need? In this Zenfolio review, we've put the website builder to the test. Zenfolio is a website builder designed for photography businesses and launched back in The website builder features many responsive templates, eCommerce and SEO tools, as well as a user-friendly editor. Started as a simple website by 4 friends with a passion for photography, Zenfolio has evolved and developed remarkably into a large corporation.

Zenfolio claims that these developments and evolution have empowered its customers who are predominantly photographers, to grow their businesses beyond expectations. The company claims to have every tool ready to make any photography site into a success. You will find everything in Zenfolio - from image galleries to showcase the photographs and eCommerce tools to photo session booking fields and marketing campaigns.

The plans appear great with a lot of features that can give photographers fantastic experience. However, the price of each of the plan varies according to the billing cycle you wish to subscribe for.

You can decide to be billed either monthly or annually. In the table below, you can see how much would you pay if you chose either monthly or yearly payment options:. However, not only the basic website builder features are important. For your site to be accessible online, hosting features are important as well. In the table, we've put every single feature that you'll get with different Zenfolio website builder plans:.

Unfortunately, Zenfolio does not include domain namesso you'll have to purchase them separately. On the other hand, there are no upselling attempts so you get what you pay for. Zenfolio does sound like a good website builder for a photography business.

It has a bunch of responsive templates, unlimited storage to upload your works, as well as unlimited bandwidth so traffic increase won't hurt your website speed, flexible and clear pricing, and a day free trial. Zenfolio has 13 beautiful templates to choose from and it keeps adding more. Existing templates are easy to customize even without any knowledge of HTML, and there's also a custom template option for more personal web design. The best part is, the templates do look different.

So even with not so big selection, you can find something to match your project needs. Now, you don't have to choose which of the 3 photos represents your project the best. You can upload them all. Zenfolio provides you with unlimited storage to upload as many photos or videos as you want. Keep in mind, there are limits for the size of files themselves. But even with that, you can upload high-quality images that will build your online presence and user engagement. Zenfolio offers unlimited monthly bandwidth to clients even with the starter plan.

And that, of course, comes with its own advantages. First of all, even with the peaks of traffic, the website will function smoothly. Secondly, you won't need to upgrade to more expensive plans even when your website starts growing.Basic retouching in Photoshop Lightroom for white balance, contrast, etc.

Does not include makeup sessions. Client must be shoot ready. May include costume changes. Diffusers and stands that include umbrella and softboxes. A collection of traditional and modern lenses from 85 to mm primes. These include vintage Komines, Jupiters and Samyang lenses. Other equipments like monitors, lights and audio recording devices.

Advanced retouching that includes color correction, blemish correction and image enhancements. One review session for an hour after the shoot where the client gets to review the initial work and provide comments before finalization. Diffusers and stands that include umbrella and softboxes A collection of traditional and modern lenses from 85 to mm primes. Do call us! Includes lifestyle videos that amalgamates different clips. Portrait Sessions.

Typically outside and a choice of client locations Does not include makeup sessions. Video with titles, transitions and other client requests. Pricing is typically negotiated based on requirements.For a successful career in photography, a photographer needs not only to be excellent at taking photos but also have a stunning platform for showcasing their work. Luckily, thanks to website builders such as Zenfolio, photographers can easily create stunning photography websites even if they do not have any knowledge of coding HTML.

With that said, this post provides an in-depth Zenfolio review to help professional photographers learn about this site builder, and thus, determine if it is right for them. Zenfolio website builder is a photography portfolio site builder that enables photographers to create stunning websites where they can display, share, and manage communications with existing customers. Apart from that, users can access an e-commerce functionality that allows them to create online stores to sell their works.

Launched inZenfolio is now used by overphotographers across the planet and is preferred due to its accessibility. About that, one only needs to sign up on the platform and proceed to create stunning websites in simple clicks and maneuvers. As said before, registering on Zenfolio is amazingly straightforward. However, this tool still falls short as far as usability is concerned. See, even though this web creating tool is comprehensive and has excellent functionalities, how one can leverage these great capabilities is not clear.

Upon signing up, one receives an email containing 3 simple steps to help with the onboarding. Nonetheless, despite the overall good intention and effort, the instructions are basic and offer nothing tangible to work with. Photographers can use Zenfolio at no cost for a trial period of 14 days. Better yet, it is not necessary to avail any credit card information to access the same. Over the two weeks, one can access all features provided by the platform, try out various customizing options, and work with multiple templates.

After that, if happy, a user can upgrade to any of the offered paid plans. Against the fees of other web builders, Zenfolio pricing is pretty competitive. It is especially the case when one considers the tons of features they access with the various plans. Photographers who are after an uncomplicated portfolio site or better customization should consider another builder. There is no point in overpaying if one does not necessarily require the characteristics which set Zenfolio apart from the rest.

One thing that really stands out about Zenfolio is the fact that anyone can use it to build an amazing website in minutes- with no prior experience required. Once you pick a plan and create your account, the builder will propose a template depending on the kind of photography you do.

Unlike most websites which offer limited space for users to store and display their shots, Zenfolio gives its users unlimited working space right from the basic plan. Zenfolio charges an affordable fee for the features that it offers. You get better value for money with Zenfolio than with regular website builders. Zenfolio websites are automatically optimized for use on mobile.Any support is greatly appreciated! Best Website Builder for Small Business. Best Website Builder for Photographers.

By Aaron S. Only esteemed sources like journals or academic associations are used for study or research references in the content. Readers must be informed about any disagreement of interest regarding referenced studies or research. At this day and age, being a photographer and not having a website to either display or sell your workor even present yourself in front of potential clients is, well… Bad. Zenfolio is a niche-oriented website builder.

If that's not what you're looking for, then check out more adaptable website builders, such as Squarespace and Zyro.

TL;DR : Zenfolio is a decent website builder for photographers. The builder allows you to both display and even sell your work, while also providing the functionality to create hiring pages, galleries, and everything in between.

While there are very few templates for the customer to pick from, the ones that exist are mobile-friendly. First things first, though - we should probably talk about the actual target audience of Zenfolio.

Zenfolio Review

To put it simply, Zenfolio is going to provide users with some amazing visual-building tools and features. Well, hey - I agree with you completely. That said, imagine if you one day decide to actually start growing your site to a fully-fledged eCommerce platform. Such website builders include Zyro and Squarespace. Truth be told, as far as feature variety is concerned, you can rest assured - Zenfolio is going to provide you with all that you might need.

zenfolio pricing

By extent, website builders that have great eCommerce features are surely on the top of the popularity chartstoo. Frankly, it makes perfect sense. This is especially true with photography-related websites. Or perhaps even taking some commission work?

zenfolio pricing

The only other rational option here is to pick a website builder that has eCommerce functionality from the very get-go. In all honesty, Zenfolio does actually have a pretty significant collection of different eCommerce-related features to offer to the average customer. Good quality templates are crucial for your site to be successful. All of the templates offered by Zenfolio are modern and well-designed - they look great, and are actually quite simple to customize and make your own.

On top of that, they are also mobile-friendly - needless to say, this is an extremely important point. Mobile-friendly templates are essential nowadays simply because many people are using the internet and browsing through various sites on their phones. Zenfolio does offer its users templates that are great in regards to both their overall functionalityand also when it comes to mobile-friendlinesstoo.

Still, there are a couple of quirks that seem to pop up every once in a while among customer feedback left online. While it is true that the templates that are available with Zenfolio are modern and well-designedthere are quite a few customer Zenfolio reviews that mention how little the choice pool for these templates actually is. In total, I could count 13 templates for the users to pick from. Also, it kind of takes away all of the originality of the site creation process.

I was quite keen on seeing what it is that they meant, and sure enough - I now know. All things considered, I must say - price tags like these sure do make Zenfolio one of the more affordable website builders in its category! You see, the builder does possess quite a few useful qualities - it has a ton of features for you to check out, allows you to create everything from galleries and portfoliosall the way to eCommerce platformsand possesses some high-endmobile-friendly templatestoo.

If you don't want to go through an entire list - check out Squarespace and Zyroone of them might be exactly what you're looking for. We do not publish biased reviews or spam.Remember to ask the seller to ship with no plastic packaging. Some women prefer the Diva Cup, which can be washed and reinserted. Read about them here. Several readers have offered other options.

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How to create your own price list and sell your photos online.

The key to freezing foods in glass is not to fill the jar too full, since the food will expand inside the container. The other caveat is not to heat the glass too quickly. Let foods thaw at room temperature to avoid glass breakage. Another option for the refrigerator or freezer are the flat-topped airtight stainless steel containers from Life Without Plastic.

Their flat top makes them easy to stack and the fact that they are airtight means food can be stored longer. Read about my favorite container here. You can also learn to can foods in glass jars or dehydrate produce to keep through the winter.

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