Overgeared old version

Overgeared old version

This is my new novel called Overgeared. The name is basically a Korean gaming slang term used to put down users who rely on items for strength instead of skill. I have decided to go with Overgeared for the title and for when it is used as a noun, etc.

This is a vrmmorpg novel and while it has some of the obvious stereotypes and unrealistic parts, it also does some things differently. In fact, some of the fun of reading the novel is seeing the MC's character grow. Schedule is currently two chapters a day. I've also made a glossary to help you keep track, since this is a long novel at chapters and still ongoing.

The main character is timid, flaky, selfish, cares about money and easily feels jealous of others. Because the author set up the character in this way, the story was difficult for the readers to read.

But as the main character encounters various people and geniuses, he internally matures and his personality changes. If the main character is described as cancerous early on, at present he can be called a mature adult.

The basic settings and story line are similar to other VR novels, but the praiseworthy thing is the content development. Like other novels, it contains a munchkin element, but it is different from typical munchkins.

In the early stages, the game progresses with the main character using is class of a legendary blacksmith. The main character expands the game content and the level of the existing users dramatically increase. The main character grows internally and externally while competing with others.

As for the evaluation of the work, the criticism was severe in the beginning, but the popularity increased rapidly after that. For the readers who have gone beyond the beginning, it is a tragedy that seems really pitiful.

Currently, its popularity is increasing and a webtoon was recently released. However, there are many criticisms of the webtoon due to the various changes made.

【クーポンで100円OFF】ELUX(エルックス) UMAGE(ウメイ) Conia 1灯ペンダント ブラックコード 02017-BK【クーポン期間(7/19 20:00~7/26 1:59)】

For those curious about the webtoon, here is the link to the raws, although only the first 3 chapters are free. The highest-ranked among them was Peak Sword, who was 16th on the overall unified rankings. Behind them were elite members of the Silver Knights Guild. It was a spectacular sight of a gathering of users with the combined power to capture a small fortress. As time counted down, the nervousness of the guild members reached the peak.

They were restlessly shaking their legs and biting their nails. Peak Sword gazed around with dark eyes, the hands holding his sword soaked with sweat. However, Hell Gao was stronger than expected and had a variety of patterns, so they had been unable to succeed in any of their five attempts so far. Peak Sword and the elites of the Silver Knights strengthened their items with money during the last month, all with the intention of succeeding next time.

After three minutes, Hell Gao would appear and this place would turn into a sea of fire. Some of them would even die from just the flames. Peak Sword wanted to encourage everyone, but he was afraid.

He was clearly reminded of the overwhelming appearance of Hell Gao, the staff-wielding boss monster enshrouded in flames.

Peak Sword steadied his heart and took various buffing potions, with the others following him. It was at that moment. A young man had entered. It was unusual because he was covered by a cloak, with no armor or weapons visible.Vampire Viscount Latina is one of the nine children directly born from Shizo Beriacheshe was also the master of 8th Vampire City.

She has a lowly title because she avoided the annoying responsibilities. She is the 3rd Direct Descendant Vampire whom Grid met. She was defeated and sealed with the help of Saintess Ruby and Braham who possessed Grid through the skill Assimilation. She is a dark haired woman. She is an obvious beauty, but her ice-cold skin and blue lips give off a bizarre feeling.

She is very proud of herself. Until Marie Rose appeared, she believed that she could reign over all the vampires. She has an annoying personality towards responsibilities due to which she remained only on the rank of a vampire viscount. She thinks humans as her prey like her other siblings. Latina is one of the nine children directly born from Shizo Beriache.

Her power is absolute. In particular, she is the only one of her brethren who can rule over the dead, which resembles the power of 1st Great Demon Baal. There is a chance that target's skill will fail to activate. Main article: Latina Raid. Grid opened the door of the last building with Sehee and Yerim. RandyNoeand the God Hands returned to his side after clearing the vampire remnants.

Just as they had entered the building a system message sounded. At the end of the red-carpeted hallway.

overgeared old version

A dark-haired woman was sitting on a throne. She was an obvious beauty, but her ice-cold skin and blue lips gave off a bizarre feeling. The 3 humans who had jus appeared she only saw them as her prey. Latina smiled as her red eyes shone.

She waved her hand once. The ground split apart and zombies appeared.

Why You Should Read A Novel Called Overgeared

The joints of the skeletons made bizarre sounds as they approached. The zombies staggered and stared with hollow eyes. There seemed to be 1, of them. Grid thought "What is this? Braham said to Grid that "Latina is one of the nine direct children born from my mother. Grid hurriedly looked back. He was worried about Sehee and Yerim. How confusing and scary would it be for the kids to see the creepy skeletons and zombies?

Grid was concerned, but Sehee and Yerim were fine. No, they were excited. The moment that both Grid and Latina were feeling confused. Sehee gathered her hands together and prayed. Light poured from her and cleansed the whole area.Keep in mind, this wiki is made by and for any fans of Overgeared.

If there are any spelling mistakes, missing information, new information, please do share it with us. Everyone is encouraged to contribute in Overgeared Wiki.

Anyone can create new articles or edit existing pages except protected pages. Articles should be written in English language, preferably American English. Avoid other languages or slang terms unless they are part of the topic.

Keep the language simple. Article contents should be clearly understood by readers who have a passable level of knowledge or fluency in English.

Avoid very long paragraphs. Separate different thoughts with appropriate sub-headers if necessary. Focus on the topic of the article. Since webtoon is being translated by multiple translators, copied text especially system messages will only come from the official light novel translation.

No content will be labelled as spoiler. However, contents will only be based on information from chapters available to non-VIP readers of the novel. Terms that exist as or intended to be articles in Overgeared wiki must be linked to preferably at the first mention. Succeeding mentions need not be linked, except for special circumstances. Temporary redirects can be created in place of this articles. Redirects should be created for all situations in which a reader might search for an alternative term and expect to find the correct page.

Redirect pages that lead to another redirect page should be avoided, except for temporary redirects. Temporary redirects will be created for articles with insufficient information. This pages will lead to Satisfy pages that contains a table of these terms together with available information. An actual article will be created when enough info is revealed.

Unconfirmed speculations and assumptions in article contents are not allowed. An example of unconfirmed assumption is that "Smith is gay. It is common for contributors to copy and paste details directly from the novel.

overgeared old version

Before creating the page, please try to do the following:. The infobox contains an quick view on the information regarding the topic. Most article, if not all, should at least have Appearance detail.Grid intended to respond to item production with item production! Sticks felt admiration at the unexpected idea. It was exciting to see Grid overturn the common sense of a sage every time. Sticks was certain of it. No matter how he thought about it, the method to win against Kruger was to break the barrier.

Yes, all he had to do was break the barrier. It was natural. The system was absolute. The more items Kruger made, the stronger he became.

Eventually the player would fail to capture the 63rd island. The difficulty of the 63rd island was very high. Kruger was a much more demanding boss monster than Lantier and Alex, who only pushed him physically. Just like he succeeded in the Hell Gao raid by obtaining the fire stones, Kruger was a raid that would only succeed if he found the right hints.

Grid had the ultimate magic, the enhanced versions of Alarm and Magic Missile. It was fortunate for Grid that Kruger spent 10 minutes and 20 minutes making items. This was after the Belial raid. Grid cleared several class quests in a row and raised his level significantly in the process of killing the armoured elite troops of the Belto Kingdom. This time, he cleared the 62nd island and gained another level. Now his level was His total intelligence was 2, His pure mana was 13, If his intelligence was applied, his mana was close to 20, It was a large source for magic.

Of course, this was the story when adding up the items that reduced skill cooldown. Once Kruger finished making the items?Chapter I-Shaped Balance 1 hour ago. Chapter Dragon Needs Cover Oct 04, Chapter 9 1 hour ago.

Chapter 8 Aug 16, Chapter 7 Jul 01, Chapter Kyoushirou Of Shiga 2 hour ago. Chapter A Man's Identity Oct 04, Chapter Invisible Army Oct 03, Chapter Chapter 9. Chapter 5: A Mild, Gentle Flavor 2 hour ago.

Chapter Orc-San's Victory Celebration 2 hour ago. Chapter Orc-San's Swordsmanship Sep 27, Chapter Orc-San's Passion Sep 15, Chapter You Can't Leave 2 hour ago. Chapter Don't Be Sad Oct 04, Chapter Mom Sep 27, Chapter 3 2 hour ago. Chapter 2 Sep 29, Chapter 1 Sep 28, Chapter 6: Meeting And Thereafter 3 hour ago.

Chapter 5: What Is Your Name? Sep 01, Chapter Port Moresby Surprise 3 hour ago.Discussion in ' Spoilers ' started by Midnight RainDec 8, Log in.

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overgeared old version

I was reading the last few chapters on Wuxiaworld and wanted to discuss a few random things: 1 Isn't Dantalion just an overpowered Euphemina duplicator? It would have been cool if his book was a class specific item for Euphemina. For example, it could have been damaged in the fight and scaled down for Euphemina to use.

I always thought duplicator had a big limitation but if she could record a certain amount of skills via the book she wouldn't need to keep going back to copy the same skill.

Well whatever I saw the translation. The author keeps giving him an epic entrance but he gets over shadowed by Grid in each major fight. I would actually love to see Kraugel take down a great demon solo. I don't even care if it's in the 30s and is done off screen. Just give me a world notification and grid's reaction.

Moreover, I wonder how he'll set himself apart from Mullar. Maybe he will include Aura, Natural energy, or Will power into his fighting style. I just imagine the artillery squad having a field day while floating in the air haha.

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If you are a fan of Hardcore Leveling Warrior, you will know that the main protagonist is not our casual hero, and is a bully who harms lots of other players just because he is the most powerful and higher-ranked player. Because of some glitch in his SS level mission, he lost his powers, and we see our main protagonist how he struggles. The plot of this manga is indeed amazing with a beautiful art style.

If you are looking for similar webtoons like Hardcore Leveling Warrior, you are just in the right place. You can read the following webtoons from webtoonsand Mangarock both of these websites have their apps too where you can read it. It allows players to take full advantage of the latest gaming technology called Nerve Gear. A system that allows the user to completely immerse themselves in the game world by manipulating their brain waves.

But when the game goes live, the delight of the players quickly turns to horror as they discover something. Sword Art Online surely has lots of volumes in the light novel to be read. However, there is also a Netflix show if you are more interested in visuals than the story. Will it be worth to spend money on? The colors of the characters are black and white, but the background of it is colored. In this webtoon, our main protagonist, who is a legendary player, has returned after two years of break.

When he enters the game, he realizes he has lost all his items and no money left with him. Concluding that someone hacked his account. Having the most extravagant equipment and armor. He is an overpowered hero from the beginning and a somewhat boring start. It has around 97 chapters. This webtoon is likely to be least suggested by the other readers. In the blink of an eye, he also achieved the awakened talent of the eye of the goddess.

Not to mention, him entering the zero-world accidentally has a hidden purpose. Along with Gideon, a knight, the two soon end up forming a new guild. And thus, their memorable new adventures begin. She has a very manipulative personality and is strong.

But her carefree days went away when she meets Florence, who captures her as his slave.

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